Lyric Writing

The cornerstone of the lyric writing component is the exploration of personal narratives.

A personal narrative is the story of who we are in relationship to the world; it’s environments, institutions, and people. Personal narratives shape our belief systems, world views, perceived limitations, and goals. These narratives are created by our life experiences and their cultural, social, and economic context. However, these narratives can be re-authored, creating changes in one’s self perception, which allows for new vistas of possibility, paths of action, and emotional freedom. The specific lens of our program’s lyric writing component provides the youth we serve the opportunity to reflect on their personal narratives and engage in this re-authoring process. This re-authoring serves to change the youth’s relationship to their challenges, expanding their capacity to rise above them, resulting in an increased sense of optimism and clarification of their goals, passion, and purpose. Additionally, the collaborative creation of original music cultivates cooperation, positive social engagement, self-esteem, and a strong sense of accomplishment.