Our programs utilize a group therapy model implemented in settings such as after-school programs and juvenile justice facilities, and incorporate both group process as well as the collaborative creation of original music.

While our groups are not psychotherapy in a traditional sense, our curriculum is designed to integrate a variety of therapeutic modalities including narrative, solution focused, somatic, humanistic, DBT, and transpersonal. Our model utilizes elements of evidenced based practices such as mindfulness, art/music therapy, motivational interviewing, and the use of rhythm in the regulation of trauma. Our groups/workshops focus on skill-building as a means to identify and expand internal and external resources. This combination of approaches engages the mind, body and spirit, facilitating a holistic process of healing and integration.

Our Model

Group Process

Our strength based process groups provide the youth we serve with a forum to engage in in-depth self exploration within a group context. This exploration facilitates emotional catharsis, enhanced self-awareness, and a shared experience of support and authentic connection.

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Lyric Writing

The cornerstone of the lyric writing component is the exploration of personal narratives. A personal narrative is the story of who we are in relationship to the world; it’s environments, institutions, and people.

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Beat Production

The beat production aspect of our programs is rooted in the therapeutic benefits of non-verbal expression. The tactile sensory input and creation of repetitive rhythmic patterns involved in beat making have been shown to be highly effective in the regulation of trauma symptoms.

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