Trauma Research Foundation Feature Piece on Rhythmic Mind

We have some pretty big news to share with you today! This has been in the works for a while, but we are extremely excited and honored to announce that Rhythmic Mind is being featured in the Trauma Research Foundation’s blog and newsletter this week. 

For those who are not familiar, The Trauma Research Foundation (TRF) was co-founded by Bessel Van Der Kolk, who is one of the world’s leading trauma experts and the author of the groundbreaking text and NY Times Best Seller, The Body Keeps The Score. In addition to many other clinical, scientific, and educational projects, TRF hosts the preeminent annual trauma conference in the world which brings together experts working at the cutting edge of trauma research and treatment. 

The Rhythmic Mind blog article featured here is part of a weekly series TRF is doing, exploring the growing movement around the Therapeutic Applications of Hip Hop/Hip Hop Therapy. This series will highlight different folks/organizations doing this incredible work, including ourselves, JC Hall, Todays Future Sound/Dr Elliot Gann, Aaron Rodwin, and Dr Raphael Travis. These are friends, colleagues, and collaborators who are all doing phenomenal and innovative work in this field, and we highly recommend checking out their blog articles as well. 

Additionally, all of us are currently doing an 8 week experiential virtual workshop series hosted by TRF, covering our different approaches to the work through the use of various expressive exercises, including lyrical analysis, beat-making, rhyme writing, and freestyle rapping. Rhythmic Mind will be doing one covering our Freestyle Therapy Cypher™️ model next Tuesday, July 20th at 1pm PST. We will also be collaborating with Dr. Elliot Gann from Today’s Future Sound on the eighth and final workshop on Tuesday, August 24th exploring the process of re-authoring personal narrative through lyric writing and beat making. 

You can click here to read our featured piece on TRF’s website.

Click here to read the descriptions of the different experiential workshops, and to view the previous week’s sessions.

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And you can check out the links here to learn more about our colleagues and collaborators.

Hope you’re able to join us for the workshops!!

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